Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Future is Sock-Shaped

I'm getting very excited now.  Less than a week to my birthday.

I'm having a lovely relaxing week - minimal housework and plenty of treats.

One of my treats arrived yesterday, a lovely package of yarn.

Each year for my birthday, I make a list of fun things I want to do during the year.  The number of items on the list corresponds with my age, so each year the list gets longer.  I'm currently compiling my list of "54 Things to Do When You Are 54".  One of the items I have put on the list is "knit a pair of socks every month".

I've only recently got excited by sock knitting.  Having seen the gorgeous yarns Grace has been buying for her sock knitting, I have been itching to get stuck in with some lovely socks of my own.

So my parcel, that arrived yesterday, was full of scrumptious sock yarns.

So many delicious colours.  I can't wait to get started.


  1. Hand knitted socks always last longer too. That reminds me....I have one and a half socks in my knitting basket.

  2. I too have one and a half socks! Really need to sit quietly when turning the heel though. Lovely colours you have chosen

  3. I like seeing your Regia wool, which is the only one I have used. We are only 1 year different in age too!!


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