Monday, 16 March 2015


...good wishes for Mothers Day,  sorry I'm a day late.  I hope that Mums everywhere had a wonderful day, whether they were celebrating Mothers Day or not.  It's always good to make Mums feel appreciated, every day of the year.

Yesterday we drove down to Cambridge and back.  Time to collect Eve at the end of term (doesn't time fly?).  We stopped off at my Mum's for a quick visit on the way.

I knitted her this lacy shawl as a present.  

The pattern was from an old magazine with some modifications.

I loved knitting the lacy pattern and I think it looks really pretty.  The colours in the wool are gorgeous - lovely and fresh.

The reason I've been away from the blog for the last few days is because, having returned from my birthday celebrations in Lincoln, I caught a virus and lost all my energy for several days.

I'm not a good patient!  I hate being inactive.  Thankfully the worst is over now and I can feel my bounce returning.  I need to get back up to speed because it's Eve's 21st birthday this week.  There are some lovely treats planned, so we'll be doing lots of celebrating.  Bye for now.

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