Tuesday, 24 March 2015

March Socks

So here we go, the plan is to knit a pair of socks each month for the next twelve months.  And here are the first pair.

These are actually the sixth pair of socks I have ever knitted, and the fourth different pattern used.  They are however, the first pair I have knitted with 4 ply weight yarn.

I thought they would be quite slow to knit but they grew surprisingly fast.  I knitted the two socks simultaneously, no danger of second sock syndrome for me.

I had intended to try and match the stripes so that the socks would be identical but I got my pinky/purple stripes confused so they are out of sequence.  Still, I think it makes them more personal.

The yarn I used is West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply in the Wood Pigeon colourway.  The colours are lovely and the yarn is so soft.  I would love to knit more socks with this yarn.

The pattern I used was Vanilla Latte.  It's a freebie.  The pattern was well explained in some places but not others, so I was glad I had made other socks previously.  Full details of this project can be found on my Ravelry project page.

I'm hoping now to build on my sock knitting expertise and try new techniques.  There are so many gorgeous patterns out there, I can't wait to cast on for my April socks.


  1. They came out well and look warm x

  2. I am so impressed, they look beautiful. I would love a drawer full of hand knitted socks.

  3. I'd love to make some socks, just need to take the plunge xx

  4. I would love to start knitting socks but really need something basic to start with as I am intimidated with using more than two needles LOL, any ideas appreciated Janet.

    1. Hi Vicky, the first socks I tried knitting were using this pattern -
      They are knitted with DK weight yarn, and have short row heels rather than a heel flap. I found the pattern easy to follow and I thought they were a good first sock to make. It helps you understand the basics of sock knitting.
      Hope this helps,

  5. I didn't even notice the stripe colors were off till you said something lol I really like these ones!

  6. You are so cleverJanet. I could never make socks, But could do with lots.


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