Sunday 2 August 2009

Daisy Daisy earrings

PDF version
These dainty earrings are so easy to make and look really pretty, especially if the sun is shining. I suddenly felt inspired to make them and in less than an hour I was wearing them. I used Coats mercer crochet cotton #20 and a 1.5mm hook. Here’s how I made them:

Yarn – 2 colours of crochet cotton (white and yellow) – only small amounts needed.
Hook – 1.5 mm.
Notions – earring hooks.

Pattern (English terms used)

Finished size – 2.5cm in diameter

Base ring: using white make 6ch, sl st to join into a ring.

1st round: 7ch (counts as 1 tr and 4 ch), [1 tr into ring, 4 ch] 7 times, sl st into 3rd of 7 ch. (8 spaces)

2nd round: [1 dc, 1 htr, 1 tr, 1 htr, 1 dc] into each space. Sl st into 1st dc. Fasten off white.

Centre: Attach yellow thread to foundation ring between any of the trebles. 3 ch (counts as 1 tr), 1 tr into same space, [2 tr into next space] 7 times, sl st into 3rd of 3 chain. Fasten off.

Attach earring hooks to one of the petals through the top of the treble.
All done, now you can wear your own daisy daisy earrings.


  1. Thank you for sharing your pattern! I have some scrap thread from my mom I am going to use to try these. ~ChristiG~

  2. those look like so much fun to make!!

  3. very pretty, thank you :)

  4. just love these earrings. sooo cute. thanks for sharing.

  5. These are darling! Thank you for sharing..

  6. I find these little earrings adorable! I think that I will make them then they will be Daisy's Daisy earrings.

  7. I am going to try and make some for me and my friends. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. They look really cute. Are you sure you used #20 crochet cotton? I can't find it anywhere.

  9. Yes, but it came from my grandmother's stash so it is very old.

  10. I just finished making these. I also made a 3rd one as a medallion for a coordinating necklace. Thanks for posting.

  11. Adorable!
    your crafts r so pretty, ~n~ fun.
    Hope u have great holiday's.
    I design my own crafts...but don't make much money.
    usually give my stuff to family and friend,as gifts.
    Thank you

  12. I like these, have to give it a try, thanks for sharing.

  13. How do I download your .PDF patterns?

    1. The link for each pattern is usually near the top of the page. The link will be in pink and should be clear to identify. For this pattern, click on the words PDF version at the very top of the post.

  14. Thank you for sharing your pattern. Your earrings are adorable.

  15. Lovely earrings. Made the main stuck with the centre....don't know how to attach the new colour...Needless to say that I am a beginner.


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