Tuesday 24 May 2011

A Little Ray of Sunshine

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Where has all the nice weather gone?  I think I blinked and missed it.  We're all feeling under a cloud at the moment with all the exams and misersable weather so I made a little something to cheer us up. 

This is our Little Ray of Sunshine (Ray for short).  He's very quick and easy to make and brings an instant summery smile to your face. 

If you feel you need cheering up why not make your own or give one to someone you know who needs a smile.  Here's the pattern.

Little Ray of Sunshine

To make your own sunshine you will need:

Yellow double knitting yarn – the sunnier the better

3mm crochet hook or whatever feels right

Notions – row marker, toy stuffing, oddments of black yarn


(English terms used)
dc (English) = sc (American)
tr (English ) = dc (American)

Finished size – approximately 14 cm (5 ½ inches) in diameter.


With yellow and 3 mm hook make 2 chain.

1st round: 6 dc (US = sc) into 2nd chain from hook. Do not join at end of round, instead continue to work in a spiral – a row marker will be useful to keep track of the beginning of the round.

2nd round: [2 dc into next dc] 6 times. (12 dc)

3rd round: [2 dc into next dc, 1 dc into next dc] 6 times. (18 dc)

4th round: [2 dc into next dc, 1 dc into next 2 dc] 6 times. (24 dc)

5th round: [2 dc into next dc, 1 dc into next 3 dc] 6 times. (30 dc)

6th round: [2 dc into next dc, 1 dc into next 4 dc] 6 times. (36 dc)

7th round: [2 dc into next dc, 1 dc into next 5 dc] 6 times. (42 dc)

8th round: [2 dc into next dc, 1 dc into next 6 dc] 6 times. (48 dc)

9th round: [2 dc into next dc, 1 dc into next 7 dc] 6 times. (54 dc)

Slip stitch into next dc and fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing up later.


Work as given for back but do not fasten off after ninth round.

10th round: [1 dc in next 3 dc, 1 ch, miss 1 dc, 1 dc in next 2 dc] 9 times.

11th round: [ 1 dc in next dc, miss 2 dc, (3 tr, 5 ch, sl st into 4th ch from hook, 1 ch, 3 tr) all in 1 ch space, miss next 2 dc] 9 times, sl st into 1st dc and fasten off.

Making up

Using black yarn, embroider a very smiley face on the front piece. Sew the back to the front leaving a small gap for stuffing. Stuff and then close the gap. Attach a hanging loop made by either a twisted cord or a crocheted chain.

Hang up your sunshine and see how it brightens your room.


  1. Love your pattern! I linked your blog to my blog to share your "Little Ray of sunshine" to my followers too! Thanks!

  2. Such a sweet idea! He's really cute!!

  3. Ohhhh, this is so cute. I have to make one. I think I'd like to make a tiny one in thread as well. Thank you so much!

  4. I made this a few weeks ago as a treat to slip into my husband's lunchbox when he is having a stressful time at work. Well, that time arrived with the update of their computer system last week. I placed Ray on top of his sandwich when I packed his lunch and waited to see what he thought. He loved it! Unfortunately, so do his coworkers and they all want one too. Oh, well...better get out my hook and yarn again. Good thing they are quick and easy! Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing with us.

  5. Mine turned out cute, thanks

  6. This is lovely, thank you! :) /Vera

  7. Me ha encantado este SOL....nunca habia visto ninguno igual..

    Gracias por compartir.

  8. Precioso Sol, nunca habia visto uno igual...voy a probar a hacerlo a ver que tal sale.

    Gracias por compartir.


  9. Me encanta, es precioso, voy a probar a ver si lo entiendo (soy nueva en esto) jajajaja.

    Gracias por compartir.


  10. I made this .I found it easier to put together if you stopped working the front at the same stage as the back.dont break the yarn.Hold 2 pieces wrong sides together and work the chain space row through both pieces stop when nearly all way round stuff .Finish round .Do final round .Very neat join

  11. Thanks for this sunny pattern! I'm going to crochet it for decoration in my little girl's room. She can be born any moment now :D

    1. I hope all goes well with the birth of your daughter.

  12. I'm making this right now, as I'm waiting lunch to get ready! Beautiful design! It's the first ornament for my kitchen! Thank you so much! Elisabeth


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