Friday 12 November 2010

Crochet Christmas Wreath

PDF version
Here’s a fun project for Christmas that only takes about an hour to make.

The finished wreath is approximately 11cm (4.5 inches in diameter)

You will need a thin ring with a diameter of approximately 5.5 cm (just over 2 inches).
I used thin metal bangles that were designed for a small child. A pack of 10 cost only £2.25 in Claire’s Accessories.

Using double knitting weight yarn in a nice Christmassy green , I worked 60 dc (US = sc) into the ring to cover it.

If your ring is larger or smaller you will obviously need to adjust. Join with a sl st into 1st dc.

Second round – work a dc in each dc (but increasing 6 dc evenly over the round). Join with a sl st. 66 sts

Third round – 3ch (counts as first tr [US = dc]), 1 tr (US = dc) into each dc to end. Sl st into 3rd of 3 ch at beginning of round.

Fourth round – (1 dc, 3 ch) into each tr to end. Sl st into 1st dc.

Hanging loop – work 12 ch, sl st into 1st ch to form a loop. Fasten off.

The wreath can be decorated as you wish.

I used wooden beads in red, cream and green, to look like berries, and I attached a small ribbon to the top.

Very simple and quick but they look very effective.


  1. I love these wreaths, they're so cute! If you're looking for more crocheted wreath patterns then check out this eBook


  2. Great idea. They'd look nice as a gift decoration and then the recipient could hang on their own Christmas tree!

  3. Just found your site--love your patterns! I'm a new follower.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this, so simple to make.
    Great Idea

  5. What size hook are you using please?

  6. Hi Knikitta,
    Sorry I forgot to put in the hook size. I generally use a size 3mm but I crochet quite loosely. A 3.5mm hook would probably be the most suitable (US size E).

  7. Hello and many thanks for sharing your patterns. I am a swedish nearly new crocheter and I just tryed this pattern. Happy christmas to you.

  8. I added this project and thumbnail to our site and linked to you. We are looking for more Christmas project as well as other projects, so if you have any similar projects please feel free to let me know.

  9. I am new to your site.what do u mean when I see dbl (US=sc)?Arlie in California

  10. Hi Arlie,
    I presume you mean 'dc (US=sc)'. The pattern is written using British crochet terms so the information in brackets is the American equivalent. Where I say dc this is the same as single crochet in America. I hope this explains things for you. Life would be easier if we all used the same system!
    Best wishes,

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  12. I would be able to make easter wreaths with that pattern and just modify it a little and change to eggs and chickens.

  13. Love this wreath idea. Thank you.
    This solves one of the 100 ornaments I have to make by Christmas. I gave an Advent Tree to my then 5yr old granddaughter who just informed me that was 25 yrs ago. The tree is now 6', has gone to college & apartments & now to celebrate our 25 yr anniversary 25 new ornaments plus for 2 sisters & Mom. Oh, individually wrapped.
    YES! you may use my Advent Tree idea for your little ones. Remember
    they open one a day. Follow me on Facebook & Pinterest.

  14. There are so many pretty ornaments, wreaths, sweater's, etc....I just wish.I CROCHET;
    I have 3 big books, on how to CROCHET! I guess hands on. Experience is better,;than reading in books! As still not know this art of crocheting! If, anyone has a book that has easy instructions(dot to dot) please, send them to Gmail address vgg1983.vggVGG@Gmail
    com. Thanks!


  15. I have made these for years. My pattern is similar to yours but fuller and I glue pictures of my grandchildren and friends' children to the back of the wreath and then cover the back with felt. Cut the pic and felt the size of the circle. The are adorable! And the parents and I love them! Thanks for your pattern.

    1. What a lovely idea to personalise the wreaths.

  16. I have made these for years. I made them look like frames put my children's pictures in them also made 160 every year till my children were in 6th grade. I use rings off juice jars milk jug rings . I saved them all year long.

  17. In 1972 I made these and used the IV tubing from the patients that only had Saline going into them. I worked at a hospital. I still have many of these on my Christmas tree.


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