Friday, 20 March 2015

Did You See It?

We were lucky to have some breaks in the clouds this morning.  And there it was the partial eclipse.  Oh so beautiful.

I'm so glad we managed to see it (and to capture the images).


  1. I had visitors this morning and missed it, such a shame but you have managed to capture the beauty.

  2. Oh lucky you. It was a bit of an anticlimax for us, as the sky was overcast. I remember the past one really well, as it was just after my son was born. Looking for a photo of that to post, but can't find it.

  3. Was your photo an image with a pinhole camera?

    1. Because there was still some cloud cover, I was able to use my ordinary everyday camera, with full zoom. I'm so pleased with the photos.

  4. I did not have any special glasses, so had to make do with seeing it on t.v. Great pictures.

  5. Felt really strange as we stood in the half light.

  6. Here in Holland in the southwest was it very cloudy so we couldn't see it :-(


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