Sunday, 18 January 2015

Warm and Cosy

So, here they are the photos of the latest cardigan off the needles.

It's lovely and warm, just perfect for this cold and windy weather we're having at the moment.

The pattern is called Tide and it's by Kim Hargreaves from an old book called Tweed Knits.

The cardigan is knitted in aran weight yarn, and because I knit with 4 ply these days, it seemed to knit up very quickly.  [I have to confess that the yarn, a rather nice wool / acrylic mix, was bought cheaply in Aldi - but it's lovely and soft and hopefully will wash successfully]

The cardigan has a textured squares pattern.  It is very tailored, there's not just side shaping but also front and back darts.  This is great for me because it actually makes me look like I've got some shape!

The collar is nice and snug - no fear of a cold chest here.

The original pattern instructions were for separate knitted pieces for the back, fronts and button bands, but I knitted the body and button bands all in one piece.  It took some jiggling with the numbers but once I'd worked it all out, it knitted up a treat.

So, this will keep me nice and snug and warm and cosy, especially now the weather is set to turn even colder.


  1. Look at you go, your needles are on fire. Well done finishing another project the cardigan is stunning, a real delight. I love the pattern and the colour it really suits you.

  2. What an elegant cardigan. I love the flecks of colour in the wool. Nothing wrong with a bit of cheaper (I mean good value) wool either. I have bought some very pretty wool in Poundland and Lidl, and Tiger is also good for a bargain.

  3. Oh, this cardi really suits you. All your garments look great on your trim figure. I was looking at some of your old blogs,where you had longer hair, but I really like your short hair style.

    1. Thanks Caz. Every now and then I decide to grow my hair long, but I always prefer it short. I'm too lazy to go to the hairdressers so I cut it myself.

  4. Oh thats very pretty and such a good fit.

  5. Yours looks much nicer than the Rowan examples on Ravelry! Such a shame Rowan don't offer their old patterns individually.

    I love the nipped-in waist of this, and the peplum detail. Wish I had a waist to nip in to!



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