Monday, 5 January 2015

Holidays Over,Time to Get Stuck In

I've had a busy day today, taking down the Christmas tree and all the decorations.  They seem to have expanded over the holiday period and I had to use up another box to put them all away.  Yesterday we took the hamsters back to Sheffield (Grace enjoyed her skiing holiday).  After two weeks of them being with us, I'll miss the little boys, even if they did sleep most of the time.

So Christmas is really over.

And now it's almost back to normal.  Time to get stuck in to some of the old projects that have been put aside over Christmas.  I've now completed the colourful crochet I started in November.  Here's what I made.

It's a footstool cover, I didn't use a pattern, just made it to fit as I went along.

Lots of jolly colours and patterns.

Here's what's underneath - a rather old footstool, looking sorry for itself.

But now it's got a new lease of life and will add another splash of colour to our already colourful living room!


  1. What a great project giving a rather forlorn footstool a new lease of life. I love the vibrant colours.

  2. Just lovely...a lot of rounds to do there. I made your little robins in their nest. They look so cute sitting on my mantle. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. I also made the smiley sunshine .

  3. Hi Caz,
    So glad you enjoy the patterns.
    Best wishes, Janet

  4. Happy new year!
    The foot stool looks amazing!!! You clever thing! X


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