Friday 23 January 2015


I've been itching to cast on with the gorgeous wool Grace bought me for Christmas.

I'm going to knit a shawlette.  The pattern I'm using is called Le Weekend (apparently the designer made it in one weekend!).

I've cast on the 355 stitches!  And I'm making excellent progress on the lace pattern.

From now on it's plain stocking stitch, worked in short rows to create the crescent shape - so hopefully I'll get a bit of speed up.

Look at the jolly colours in the wool.  The rapid colour changes make it great fun to knit with.

It will be a lovely splash of colour to wear on the grey Wintery days before the Spring arrives.


  1. Its knitting up beautifully, the yarn is a real delight. Your knitting needles are on fire these days you are so quick. Have a great weekend.

  2. It looks like you are knitting a sweet shops worth of colours, your yarn looks interesting & jolly.

  3. You can post the finished shawlette tomorrow then , lol. Its lovely. All those stitches though !


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