Monday, 19 January 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside

But inside it's lovely and snug.  I must say one thing about this cold, wet and windy weather, it does mean a lot of time indoors being crafty.

Look how much progress I've made with my squares!

I've re-measured the cushion and recalculated the number of squares needed.  Rather than 9 x 9, I think I only need to do a 7 x 7 square.  49 squares, much more manageable than the 81 I originally thought I have to make.

I love all the colour combinations, but this one in particular is my favourite.

It reminds me of spring-time blossom.  It's so pretty.

Yesterday morning, the winds seemed to have abated although the temperature has dropped considerably.  I took the opportunity to stroll along the beach.  I was fortunate enough to be out at the one time during the day that the sun was shining and there were some glorious views.  Amazingly I had remembered to put my camera in my pocket.

So close, you could almost reach out and touch it!

Looking towards Liverpool - can you spot the Liver Building?

Snow on the Welsh mountains

After my walk the rains returned - so back in the house, snuggle up and crochet away!


  1. Looks like a wonderful stroll but nice to get back into the warm. Your cushion is looking wonderful, looking forward to seeing the end result.

  2. Your crochet is just beautiful the colours are great.

  3. Love the mint colour your using on your squares - such a lovely colour! Your cushion is going to look gorgeous!
    Maria x

  4. Love those squares. I'm doing some myself but I keep flitting from one wip to another. . I forgot Liverpool had a beach! Its a few years since I visited . Lots to do there. I remember being absolutely astounded at the height of the Anglican cathedral when viewed on the inside.


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