Saturday, 3 January 2015

Dream Big

It's that time of year again when we think about what we want to achieve in the coming year.  I always work on the basis that the more goals I set, the chances are I will manage to attain some of them.  This year, in particular, I want to do more dress making.  I'd like to do more embroidery as well (this one is carried over from last year!); I'd like to find more time to do even more knitting and crocheting; the garden deserves more attention; I read a lot of novels so maybe this year I will read more non-fiction books -  basically my New Year resolution is to do more of everything - and obviously, this coming year is the year that I get organised!  You have to dream big is my philosophy!

If you're not interested in making resolutions then, how about this.  Eve came across a great idea for the coming year on Buzzfeed - it's called a Rememberlutions Jar!  We thought it was a wonderful idea.  Basically, you get a jar, personalise it and then throughout the year, you write down all the fun, exciting, interesting things that have happened to you and put them in the jar.  At the end of the year you have a jar full of amazing memories.  You can read more about this idea, here.

So here is my jar -

It's very me - yellow, pink, woolly and sparkly.

I added a blossom flower and some lace and pearls - very pretty and girly.

I've already started putting my notes in - by the end of the year I'm hoping it will be overflowing.

I hope that this coming year will provide lots of lovely memories for everyone and your dreams will come true - especially the big ones.  2015 - it's going to be awesome!

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