Thursday, 1 September 2011

York University

Yesterday, we had one of our occasional day's out to visit a university.  So with my knitting packed for the car journey, we set off, this time it was to York.  I love the city of York - one of my favourite places. 

Eve's been there a few times in the past when she was younger but she couldn't really remember much about it. 

Needless to say she loved it as soon as we arrived.  In the city centre we were greeted by a lively performance of Andean music.

It didn't take much for her to be convinced this would be a great place to be at university.

From the city we walked out to the university - not as far as I thought it would be, but still a reasonable length - but plenty of buses available. 

The university is relatively new - founded in the 1960s - so many of the original buildings are horrible concrete affairs. 

It certainly doesn't have the character of Durham or Cambridge.  It does have a lake, which helps and it's a campus uni, which is appealing.  There was loads of buidling work going on whilst we were there - expanding and revamping the 60s eyesores.  The living accommodation is all being upgraded.

York is easier to get to than some of the other universities Eve's looked at - and there's a direct train from Liverpool to York that runs every hour!

Overall Eve love it - there'll be some difficult decisions to make soon about narrowing down her choices!


  1. Oh, how lovely. Would love to be there ... anywhere but here, I have to say. I guess not anywhere. Are those native Americans in one of the pictures????? I really enjoyed this post. Love and Light and pass on good intentions to all.

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