Friday, 9 September 2011

Autumn Delights

It definitely feels like Autumn out there.  Time for warm woolly sweaters.  I think a lovely cabled sweater would be ideal for a long walk to appreciate the changing colours of the season.  I treated myself to Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting earlier this year for my birthday and I've been waiting for the Autumn so that I can knit something special.

I have my eye on the pattern called St Brigid.

I will need to start it soon as there's a lot of work involved, otherwise it will be next summer before it's finished!

In the meantime I've been swapping all the decorations in the house around.  Putting away the Summer decorations and bringing out the Autumn ones. 

The house feels cosier and more snug ready for the darker nights. 

We are lucky enough to have red squirrels living in our area, although their existence is constantly under threat.  Eve and I managed to catch sight of one visiting our garden and burying a nut for his Winter store.  We weren't quick enough to get a photo but here's a picture of a red squirrel- it could even be him - we'll never know!

So cute - I love him.


  1. He is adorable and those little tufts of hair are so cute. Love your future sweater, good luck.

  2. I love your Autumn decorations, I am really enjoying the changing of the seasons. Autumn is a great time of year and it does mark the start of more crafting time :)


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