Sunday 4 September 2011

Flying The Nest

A milestone in ours lives - Grace moved out yesterday.  I knew the day was coming but it was still an emotional day.  Actually today is more emotional, seeing her empty room - well not empty really - it's still full of junk that she's left behind, to collect at a later date.  Eve has decided this will be her 'office'!

Grace's new flat is lovely and modern and I'm sure she'll be really happy there.  However, it may take some time to get organised and sort out all her stuff.

When we left her there wasn't much floor space to see. 

They grow up so fast.

So you have to enjoy the moment.


  1. Aww Mum I love the pictures. Except the one with all my junk - it's tidied up now :) xxxxx

  2. A bittersweet feeling I am sure for you. You love them and raise them to leave you but when they do they sort of break our hearts. As my Mother always said, "Your kids out grow you before you out grow them."
    Have a great day,


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