Thursday 29 September 2011

Pink Elephant on Parade

Wow, the weather is amazing at the moment - wonderful sunshine and oh so hot - a perfect time to buy myself some wellies! 

I figured that by the time I needed the wellies the shops will have sold out - so I got mine today - it's called thinking ahead. 

I've just finished making a little something for Eve over lunch. 

A cute pink elephant made from felt and decorated with some simple embroidery. 

I got the idea from a book called Fun with Stitching by Fiona Goble. 

It only took an hour to make and I'm sure it will make Eve smile when she comes in from school today. 


  1. What a cute little elephant! I will make one myself:)

  2. Nice wellies - I almost bought some in ASDA yesterday (when I bought my big wintry coat then had to walk home in the boiling hot sun carrying it)

    I'll have to get some too :)


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