Monday, 14 September 2009

Ravenscar - a new project

As a treat I started a new project yesterday. The pattern is Ravenscar from Rowan magazine 45. I have been meaning to make this for sometime but as I wanted to use wool rather than cotton it seemed more of an Autumn knit rather than a Summer one. The original pattern calls for All Seasons cotton but I prefer to knit with wool. I have chosen Twilley's Freedom Spirit which is 100% wool and an absolutely gorgeous colour. The pattern is ever so simple, integrated button bands, only one button hole. However it isn't at all boring. The ribbed pattern makes it interesting enough to want to keep going but straightforward enough to read or watch television whilst knitting it - perfect. I made excellent progress yesterday whilst watching Formula 1 (another win for Barrichello) I'm up to the armholes of the back already.

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