Wednesday 16 September 2009

Bonny Blue earrings

PDF version
Here’s the latest addition to my ever-growing earring collection – Bonny Blue earrings. As always they are super-quick and easy to make.

Yarn – 2 colours of crochet cotton (white and blue) – only small amounts needed.
Hook – 1.5 mm.
Notions – earring hooks.

Pattern (English terms used)

Finished size – 2.5 cm in diameter

With white make 2 chain.

1st round: 6 dc into 2nd chain from hook. Join with a slip st into 1st dc. Break off white and join in blue.

2nd round: 1 ch, 2 dc into same stitch as chain, [2 dc into next dc] 5 times. Sl st into 1st dc. (12 dc)

3rd round: 1 ch, 1 dc into same stitch as chain,6 ch, 1 dc into same stitch [1 dc, 6 ch, 1 dc] into next 11 stitches, sl st into 1st dc. (12 loops) Fasten off.

Attach earring hooks to the end of one of the petals.

All done, now your Bonny Blue earrings are ready to wear.

As usual the earrings are modelled by my lovely assistant, Grace.


  1. Lovely earrings.

  2. Loovely, i love you wroks, did you use cotton yarn for it?

  3. wow this is great!!

  4. I added this project and thumbnail to our site and linked to you. We are looking for more jewelry as well as other crochet patterns, so if you have any similar projects please feel free to let me know.


  5. Excited to find your blog! I love the earrings and friended you on Ravelry. Thanks for your fun work!

  6. What size crochet cotton is used?

  7. I used size 12 for my earrings.

  8. A motivating design I'm planning to make a set by making one more for a pendant.

  9. Oh, I'm so happy I found you! :)
    Great work!

  10. Absolutely sweet - just the right thing for the winter blahs! I will be featuring and linking to this tutorial so others can come visit!


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