Friday, 11 September 2009

Feeling blue - what shall I do?

I'm just coming to the end of this year's Open University course - Exploring Science. There's only the end of course assignment to complete and then I can relax. It's been very demanding but the subject matter has been fascinating. I'm glad I've done the course but I'll be even gladder when I can put my workbooks away. It was all getting a bit much yesterday - everything seemed to be too much - I think it's the biology - I hate that subject - so I've given myself the day off from the assignment today to try to relax somewhat. I've made a list of all the fun little things I want to do when I don't have to study - it's keeping me going at the moment.

Needless to say, knitting and crocheting continue regardless. The sweater I'm making with the Sirdar crofter fairisle-effect wool is about halfway done. Here's a pic of the back.

I decided to make the front a bit more interesting by putting in a buttoned opening but it's quite difficult to match up the random stripes on each half of the front - hopefully it will turn out OK.

After knitting Tender - the kidsilk haze cardi - I had 2 balls of yarn leftover. Although I don't like (understatement) the yarn, it seems a shame not to use it up as it is gorgeous once it's knitted up. So I'm using part of the leftovers to make a scarf. The pattern is A Little Obsession by Leslie Bernard and it's in the Ravelry library. I can't knit fast with this yarn so it's taking a while to knit but the pattern is ever so simple.

Formula 1 on the television this weekend - from Monza. That should mean quite a bit of knitting gets done. To cheer myself up, I may start a new project with the yarn recently added to the stash - variety is the spice of life.

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