Thursday, 24 September 2009

A busy day

I've been a very busy girl today. Not only have I de-cluttered the store-room, taken two huge bags of crap to the charity shop and called at the library but I have also finished my scarf and made a bag (and it's still only mid-afternoon).

The scarf was quick to make. I am so glad I changed to crochet for this yarn. I don't think I'll ever love kidsilk haze but I finished the scarf without too much swearing- so that's an improvement. I still have 1 skein of the yarn left but I'm not rushing to make anything with that yet.

I also made this bag.

It's made from an old jumper that was on the small side.
I felted the jumper last week and today I made it up into this useful bag. I should be able to fit a knitting project or two in it.
I was just about to publish this post when I got a phone call to say my mother-in-law has had a fall and cut her leg and an ambulance had been called. So I rushed off to see her and make sure everything was OK. We've got to go to the hospital later to pick her up - so the day just got busier!


  1. Love the scarf! Do you have name of the pattern? The bag is super ingenious the way you used the sleeves for handles. I'm going to be on the lookout for a sweater that has contrasting sleeves so I can make one. Thanks again for sharing. Hope your Mother-in-love gets better.

  2. Hi Deb, Thanks for your comments. The scarf is made using a shell trellis pattern I found in an old crochet stitch pattern book.


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