Sunday, 20 September 2015

Still Not Knitting

We're well over half way through September and despite a rather shaky start, my no knitting month is going well.

I've settled into a nice routine now and whilst I'm looking forward to resuming my knitting and crocheting next month, I'm getting plenty of other work done.

I've dipped into the frog pond and three out of the four cardigans and sweaters have been frogged, ready to be reincarnated into something new.

I've written up one of the two cardigan knitting patterns that have been on my conscience.  I'll have to get on with the second one and then link them into this blog.

I've been working away on my family tree research and I've been writing up a report on one particular branch of the family to share with family members, which I should get finished this week.

I'm continuing with my embroidery squares and I've completed another two, which I'll share with you soon.

There are still some projects I haven't tackled yet.  I'll be dressmaking this week and I'd really like to find time to try spinning with a drop spindle.

But best of all, I'm loving my English paper piecing patchwork.  I've started work on a quilt.

I'm using hexies again - they are so pleasing to work with.  There's no particular pattern, just a random assortment of fabrics.  I think this gives it a wonderful homespun feel.

I'm learning through trial and error and I think I've got a nice little routine going, based on cutting, basting and joining.

The joining is definitely the best bit.  It's great to see the fabric growing and transforming as each hexi is added.

I've bought myself a powerful LED table lamp so I'm finding it much easier to sew in the evenings.

What joy such simple pleasures can bring.  I hope your day is also filled with joy and simple pleasures.


  1. So much creativity. well at least if you didn't like your knitting projects you were able to rip them up. Looking forward to seeing your sewing. The quilt is lovely. x

  2. I love all your beautiful fabrics and your random approach to piecing them together, you certainly have an eye for colour.

  3. Your are keeping busy I bet your looking forward to October hough so you can knit again. xx

  4. I belong to a sewing group and we have just finished and quilt using hexagons. Most of us had never done this before and we are so proud of our quilt. Looks like your is coming along well.

  5. You have used such pretty fabrics x

  6. You have been very ambitious Janet, love the fabrics you are using, they look wonderful together.

  7. I love your cute little hexies such pretty fabrics, I remember I made a cushion cover with some once it was supposed to be a quilt but I got bored way before then. I have a bit of frogging to do too a cardigan and a top, I must stop making things for myself they never get warn. :) xx


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