Thursday, 24 September 2015

In Anticipation

Whilst I'm enjoying my "no knitting" month, enormously, giving plenty of other projects my undivided attention, I'm certainly looking forward to picking up the knitting needles again next week.

I have a significant number of projects on the wish list as well as the projects that were put to one side at the beginning of this month.

In anticipation of a renewal of knitting activity, I recently bought the latest Rowan magazine.

Sometimes Rowan can be a bit hit and miss with its patterns, but this time, I'm pleased to say, there are a good number of patterns that caught my eye.  Here are four that yelled "knit me".




Hayling - probably my favourite.

Plenty of possibilities there.  The only problem will be finding the time to make them all.


  1. A great wish list, I loved the Unst.

  2. Rowan is a gorgeous magazine, the designs are wonderful. Hooray for you almost at the end of your no knitting month.

  3. The last one, Hayling, especially has that Janet look.


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