Thursday, 10 September 2015


One of the main projects I wanted to work on this month, instead of knitting and crocheting, was some patchwork using the English paper piecing technique.

I've done quite a bit of patchwork in the past, using the good old sewing machine and I particularly love the log cabin designs.  But I've never tried the hand stitched EPP technique.  I realised that I had seen this technique before when I was reviewing my Mollie Makes magazines.  There was a tutorial on it in issue 18, but I must have glossed over it the first time I read the magazine.

It was seeing Lorraine's beautiful work that piqued my interest.  I found this helpful online tutorial and set to work.  For my first project, I'm making a small piece of fabric that I will turn into a bag.

I can't believe how much I'm enjoying working on this.  It's a great evening activity and reasonably portable.  Once the paper and fabric had been cut, it all seems to have worked up very quickly.  I can't wait to start sewing all the little hexies together.

I had thought about using squares, but I was fortunate to find in my grandma's sewing box, this plastic template.

I'm feeling so inspired now, that I popped out to the local library and borrowed these books.

Some lovely projects in them.

The future could very well be filled with patchwork quilts.


  1. I am thrilled that you were inspired by one of my projects. It is indeed a portable project that becomes addictive. Have fun!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the end result, I have a bag full of liberty hexies. Ii think it will be an autumn project & quite possibly next autumns too x


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