Sunday 27 September 2015

I'm in Heaven

Yarndale - what an amazing day we had.

This was my first visit but I'm already planning next year's trip.  It was heavenly.  All that yarn together in one place and lots and lots of lovely people who are excited to talk about knitting and crocheting and yarn.  Blissful.

And the Sun was shining on us as we had our picnic outside.

I received lots of lovely compliments on my Fair Isle cardigan (my Kate pattern) which was lovely.

I did break my no knitting rule whilst I was there - but you can't go to Yarndale and not knit!  I only did three rows and I've put it away again until next month.

I was too excited to take many photos when I was there, but I did snap the angora bunnies (unbelievably soft and fluffy) and the alpacas (not as fluffy but still gorgeous and soft).

And what was the damage?  Well, once the credit card bill comes in, I don't think I'll be allowed any where near yarn for at least a year!  I'll definitely be grounded.

Look at all this gorgeousness!  Who could resist?  Well, clearly not me.  Although Grace managed a similar mountain of yarn to me.  And then after photographing the above, I remembered I had another bag that I hadn't emptied yet!

I'm just waiting for October now so I can pick up the needles and get stuck in.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying just squidging and stroking all that yarny goodness.


  1. That was an impressive haul, lots of beautiful yarn. Aren't you tempted to get going with it? I know I would...

    1. In view of my unrestrained spending spree, I think it's best if I now show that I can be restrained in some way, although Thursday just can't come quick enough for me.

  2. Whoa you are going to be totally grounded!! Looks like it's worth it though!!! lol

  3. Oh wow - so wish I could have gone. What a haul of yarn - looking forward to seeing what you make. x

  4. I think you were terrible restrained I mean look how much yarn you didn't buy! I am so glad yo had a good time, I was actually thinking of all my blog friends who were attending. It sounds like a perfect day.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it Janet, I did too although I only bough a tiny bit of yarn although I did enjoy stroking and feeling what was on offer. :) x

  6. I went to the first Yarndale. The weather was just like you enjoyed on Saturday. Couldn't get to this year's, but did contribute to Sheila's flowers with 4 corsages.
    Glad you had a good day.


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