Monday 16 December 2013

Will It Be Finished?

An update on the Black Forest Log - despite looking like someone had sat on it, it was delicious.  I'd definitely make it again but I think I need to work on my construction techniques!

Moving on, I thought I'd let you know what I'm working on, knitting-wise at the moment.

A few weeks ago I couldn't resist buying this pattern book by Martin Storey.

I particularly love the pattern called Thelma.

This would be lovely to wear at Christmas.

Now, Angora Haze is a gorgeously, soft and cuddly yarn by Rowan - but rather pricey!  I also have issues with the idea of Angora as a yarn, not all Angora yarn is produced from happy bunnies.  Rowan have categorically stated that theirs is ethically sourced with a view to animal welfare but I'm still not comfortable with the idea. So in the end I settled for some 4 ply wool cotton by Rowan in a lovely jewel pink shade.  This gives wonderful stitch definition which shows up the pattern beautifully, with the Angora yarn I feel the pattern is a bit lost.

I've finished the back - just.  I've started the front and I'm conscious I'm running out of time.  So, forget the housework, I'm going to just have to sit and knit to make sure it's done!


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