Friday 6 December 2013

Today's Distraction

I'm not feeling too guilty about today's distraction.  After all, Mary and Jesus are more relevant to this time of the year than pigeons, so not too much of a distraction from Christmassy matters.  

Eve is home from university at the weekend but she has an extended essay to write over the holidays.  The subject is something to do with representations of the Virgin Mary in Latin American culture.  

I can't help her with the essay, but I can crochet a Mary and Jesus from a Peruvian crochet website!!!

The pattern is available for free, here.  It's in Spanish, but with the help of the photos and Google Translate, I was able to get along very nicely.  

Hopefully Eve will be so inspired she'll pick up her pen and dash off her essay in a blink of an eye, leaving us with plenty of time to have fun.  


  1. These are very the eyes x

  2. They are lovely. Is there going to be a Joseph? I would have to learn to crochet in English first before tackling Spanish!

  3. These are brilliant! Wish I'd seen them before I did a Christmas Crochet class - maybe next year! x


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