Monday 30 December 2013

Getting Ahead of Myself

As I've mentioned in an earlier post, one of my New Year resolutions is to be better organised.  Obviously the New Year hasn't arrived yet but I'm getting ahead of myself and starting early, whilst I'm still enthusiastic.
I've sorted all my double knitting yarn into colour groups and put them in pretty storage boxes on a new shelving unit in the spare bedroom.

To distinguish the different boxes, today, I've made labels so that I can locate the colour I need swiftly.

Rather than write on the labels I thought it would be fun to glue on coloured buttons.

So now I'm feeling very smug and organised.

It's debatable whether or not I can keep this resolution going beyond the end of January, but for the time being it's going well!


  1. What a good idea. I love the button labels too. I have a very bad system for sorting my wool. Baskets contain (a) pastel baby shades except white (b) white (c) all blues and greens (d) everything else in a really big box. It is driving me a bit potty, as I am making something with a lot of colours, and have to keep diving into the everything else container.

  2. I'm always striving to be more organised... not there yet! Loving your idea of using the buttons :) xx

  3. Love it!!! I always give it my best shot, and then within a couple of weeks of "organizing" I end up with another really big fact I have laundry baskets full of laundry in the middle of my craft room that need to be put away...I need to get it cleaned up again so that I can get in there and start on some quilting projects. Ah the joys of being a crafter


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