Sunday 22 December 2013

Bring It On

Yes, I'm ready.  I'm organised and well-planned.  I'm definitely ready for Christmas.

There's just the last minute food shopping to do tomorrow; the baking to be done on Christmas Eve and of course the knitted top to be finished and ready to wear on Christmas Day.  Apart from all that, I'm ready.

Grace's hamsters have come to stay for the holiday.

I have my pile of library books to keep me going...

Although it would be a bit optimistic to think I will be able to get through all those during the holiday, but at least I've got plenty of choice.

I've even started planning what I'm going to start knitting on Christmas Day with the wool that Father Christmas will be bringing me (after all I have been a good girl).

It's all so exciting, I think I need to go and calm down before I start squealing with delight.


  1. LOL Janet - that pile of library books sure beats mine. I thought I had too many !!! You seem very well organised for Christmas. I wish you and your family a very happy and safe time. xoxox


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