Sunday, 3 July 2011

Trip to Durham

The second of our university open days was to Durham University.  I think it was the hottest, most humid day of the week - not ideal conditions for a car journey, 3 hours each way. 

The city of Durham is lovely - so picturesque.  I took the camera but forgot to use it!  So here are some pictures taken by better photographers than me. 

The city centre is made up of narrow streets and old buildings.

The cathedral dominates the centre - it is awe inspiring in its size and simplicity of design - it's my favourite cathedral - it moves me everytime I visit it. 

We had lunch sitting on the grass outside the cathedral in the shade of the trees - perfect. 

We visited Van Mildert college - a typical modern-style residential college - it didn't have a great deal of character - but the duck pond helped.

Eve loved the sound of the history course, but wasn't wowed by English. 

Here's the history department building in the centre of Durham. 

We liked how green everywhere was and it definitely has possibilities.  We're now accumulating a collection of university bags which seem to have been left in the living room together with the pile of prospectuses!

Next week we're off to Cambridge - so an even longer car joureny to look forward to!

At least the knitting is making progress - although on the Durham trip the heat made it impossible to get a lot done. 

As a treat I made sticky gingerbread muffins when we got home.


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  1. Yummy, the muffins look fab! I do love going to Durham, the streets are so old and pretty, good you had the weather playing ball for your day there :-)


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