Wednesday 13 July 2011


I started knitting a new bear in February - it was supposed to be ready for my birthday in March - but too many projects, too little time - he was never finished. 

It was one of those projects where you keep saying, "I must get around to finishing that" -  but you never do. 

Well yesterday I decided I would do some work on my bear, make some progress.  When I opened the knitting bag I was surprised how much I had already done - in fact the bear was finished apart from sewing on the arms and legs.  So here he is, thankfully freed from the knitting bag and all complete. 

His name is Errol and he is boisterous little boy, full of fun and mischief. 
It was difficult to get him to sit still for the photos!

The pattern comes from Claire Garland's wonderful book called 'Knitted Bears'.

The bears in this book all have so much personality and are not difficult to make - they also shouldn't take several months to make - I'm not usually that bad at finishing a project off.  He's made with double knitting weight yarn and the actual bear took less than 1 x 50g ball.  The clothes are really cute - a shirt and dungerees. 

Here is a picture of Errol with his little sister Rosie, who I made at the beginning of 2010. 

Maybe next year I'll add another bear to the family.


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