Saturday 16 July 2011

Rain and Golf

A few weeks ago I made this cute little raindrop. 

I forgot to blog him - probably because the sun was shining so he looked out of place.  But today the rain has arrived, so my little raindrop is happy, staring out of the window at his fellow raindrops. 

The pattern is by Sherry M and is called Rain Droplet in Red Galoshes.  The pattern is available for free, here.  I got a bit lost on the instructions for the galoshes, so in the end I made it up. 

My little raindrop is sitting beside me as I work away.  Whether it is sunny or raining, this weekend I will be in front of the television watching the Open Golf Championship.  At the moment, there are so many people in contention - it could be a close run thing.  My weekend knitting will be the Fair Isle cardi I'm designing.

I'm making good progress - back finished, half of left front done.  Golf and knitting - should be a good weekend.  Enjoy yours - whatever you are doing. 


  1. Aw how cute is that little raindrop. Much more appealing than all its bootless friends outside.

  2. Very cute this raindrop! Nice to add a smile in raining days!
    The fair isle grows magnific!


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