Saturday, 23 July 2011

My New Skirt

I haven't been able to find a skirt that I like in the shops - so I decided I would have a go at making one. 

I didn't have a pattern so I used the skirts I already had as a basis for drawing up a pattern. 

I bought some cheap cotton furnishing fabric - £1 per metre!!  Something bold and jolly (nice curtains!)

And this is what I got.

It consists of 6 tapered panels and a side zip - very basic but a good fit and the right length. 

The fabric isn't too light, so it will be wearable through to the autumn, but it's colourful enough for a summer skirt. 

I already had a zip, the fabric cost a total of £2 - so how's that for cheap and cheerful!  It only took a couple of days to make up and hem.  I'm very pleased with the end result.  I shall have to find some other interesting fabrics and make some more. 

As I was coming downstairs to show the finished article off to the rest of the family - I suddenly had an image in my head from my favourite film of the von Trapp children in their 'playsuits' made from curtain fabric.

Obviously their curtains weren't as colourful as mine.  The outfits from the film worn by Marta and Gretel (in the picture above) recently sold at auction for $35,000 - if I look after my skirt, in a few years time it could be worth something - vintage and all that!!

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  1. Love the skirt. Great job "designing" it yourself. Reminds me of what we would make when I was in High School (a very long time ago).


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