Tuesday 12 July 2011


Yesterday afternoon I had a little making session and made this cute little eagle. 

It only took a few hours to make and was easy to do. 

I made it to surprise Grace when she came home from work.  It's actually her own pattern, so she was really thrilled when she saw I had made it.  You can find the pattern on her blog, The Smiling Robot, here for free. 

She hasn't made any of my patterns yet - something I pointed out to her - no harm in giving her a guilty conscience!!

I haven't given the eagle a name yet - lacking inspiration - so at the moment he is just 'Eagle'. 


  1. Your little eagle is adorable.

  2. his name has to be Eddie,..... remember Eddie the Eagle, the lunatic skiier from years ago...;)

  3. What a good idea, Linda - he does have that daredevil-look in his eyes.


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