Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Little Santas and Interesting Blogs

Here are some little Santas I made as new decorations for this year.

They are crocheted and the pattern is Little Santa by SoL. They are quick to make but I didn't make a separate hat, as the pattern instructs, I just extended the head in the hat colour and then embroidered a round of chain stitch around the brim. They could be made into tree decorations, but I think these will sit on a shelf or window ledge somewhere.

When it comes to browsing on the Internet I'm not very adventurous - so for my Advent calendar Eve is giving me a new web address to explore each day. Today's address is Cherry's Jubilee. It's packed full of lovely cards. Here's a sample:
These letters cards are wonderful - another use for crochet letters?

Wow! What an inspiration! It makes my idea for this year's Christmas cards seem quite boring. Tomorrow I think I'll get the fancy papers, buttons, ribbons and lace out and have a go at something like these. I like the idea of incorporating Christmas stamps into the design (I must confess to being a stamp collector in my dim and distant past - so this will come in useful now).
I can't wait to see tomorrow's surprise blog, especially if it is as inspirational as today's.

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog and found the little santas you made from my pattern...they look perfect, I love the idea of the hat, and I will try it. thanks for posting them.
    Happy New Year!


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