Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas cards

Following on from the wonderful and inspiring blog from the other day, I spent an indulgent afternoon yesterday with paper, scissors, lace, buttons, stamps and lots of glue! Here's the mess I made over the floor.
And here is a card I made.

I'm so pleased with the result, although my photography doesn't do the card justice.
I used a Christmas tree card that folds out into a pyramid shape. I cut a piece of Christmas themed paper to cover the front, then added lace and ribbon. I found some old Christmas stamps in my collection and stuck these on thin coloured card that had been cut with a fancy edging. I added this to the card together with some buttons tied with embroidery thread. I think the finished result has a Victorian scrapbook feel to it.

Here are all 6 cards I made.

I really enjoyed making these and the idea could be adapted for birthday cards or other occasions. So thank you Cherry's Jubilee for the inspiration.

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  1. Very very cute!! I have cards from way back (I save everything) waiting for something special to do with them...thanks for inspiration. I think if turned the other way could be filled with goodies too!! Thank you :-)


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