Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas Jar cover

As part of my Christmas knitting, one of the things I thought I would do was to knit a cover for a glass jar so that I could put sweets and chocolates in it. We do actually have lots of jars and bowls that would do for this purpose but there's nothing like knitting something trivial to make you feel creative and festive.

I used the same Sirdar Click DK yarn as I used for my crocheted letters and knitted in the round. It's just plain stocking stitch until you get to the 'neck' of the jar. I then did a row of eyelet holes and followed this with some ribbing. I finished off with a picot edged cast off. Finally I threaded a ribbon through the eyelet holes.

It looks quite effective, so if I find myself with any time to waste between now and Christmas, I may knit some more!

Now that Lauren is finished, I have started knitting Kim Hargreaves' Precious - this is what I want to wear on Christmas day. I started it last night and this is what I managed to get done in a few hours.

I'm using silver beads but I'm worried they might be a bit too conspicuous - OK for Christmas day but what about wearing it at other times? I think I'll have to become a party animal to make the most of it!

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