Sunday 25 October 2009

While I was away...

Back in the land of the living - we have a new router - Internet connection is back. There's plenty of knitting and crocheting progress to catch up on.

Firstly I have made a rather funky head band that is great for keeping your ears warm without squashing your hair (not that I've got a lot!).
The pattern is Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf and I used half a ball of the Twilley's Freedom Spirit leftover from Ravenscar. It is a great pattern to knit - easy without being boring - and only takes an evening to make.

I've also crocheted a slouchy beret for myself.

It's the same pattern I made for Grace for her birthday. I frogged an old aran sweater and used the yarn doubled. I'm not really a hat person but this looks better on me than most, it will be nice and warm for my early morning walks in the winter.

I'm making good progress on Rona. I'm making squares in between other projects and I'm about a third of the way through them. I've made all the fiddly squares first - so that only the quicker granny squares are left.

With the new chunky yarn I bought last weekend I've started making Paisley, the chunky jacket by Kim Hargreaves.
I've now finished the back and I'm working on one of the fronts today. It knits up really quickly and it's a nice pattern to follow - interesting but not too complicated. However, I'm remembering why I prefer to knit with DK or 4ply - the needles seem so big and heavy with the chunky yarn - I can't seem to get up speed.

Finally, I've made the badger.

It took a while to get the face right - but it was a fun challenge. I loved making this. The badger is now on its way to Bristol - postal strikes permitting. I'll publish the pattern very shortly.

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