Sunday 18 October 2009

A Great Day Out

Yesterday was wonderful. I had a brilliant day out in Liverpool. My Mum and I met up with my Auntie from Leicestershire and my two cousins. We visited St George's Hall. Despite having lived in Liverpool for 48 years this was the first time I had been inside the building. It was breath-takingly magnificent.

Stopped for lunch there, than went for a wander through Liverpool One, down to the Albert Dock.

It was fun to be with the family and catch up on what every one's doing.
I mentioned my crocheted hedgehog to my cousin Irene, and she asked me if I could do a badger! She is a teacher and her class (5-6 year olds) is the badger class. Well, I'll have a go in the near future and see what turns out - I like a challenge.

After I had left the others I made my way to Abakhans to stock up on wool.

Plenty there to keep me going - can't wait to get started.

All in all, an excellent day.

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