Monday 4 August 2014

Vintage Doily Reworked

Well, I'm very pleased and proud to say that I have completed the crocheting of the replica vintage doily from my Grandmother's sewing box.

It wasn't a difficult pattern to follow.  Basically there is the centre circle consisting mostly of clusters and then the six outer panels.

The hardest part is writing the instructions down in a coherent way so that I can pass on the pattern for others to make.

My version is slightly bigger than the original, due to finer thread having been used for the original.  I was also concerned that the original doily did not lie flat as the outer panels had too much volume in them.  I therefore reduced the stitches in this section which changes the shape of the pattern in the panels but conforms to the overall idea of the pattern.

I think the lace sections of the panel are far more clearly defined now.

I will complete writing out the pattern over the next few days, converting it from my oversimplified shorthand to clear instructions.  I will also have to think of a name for the doily pattern, that might be the hardest part of all!

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