Sunday, 17 August 2014

Distracting Distractions

I find myself easily distracted these days.  I know I have a cardigan to knit and a dress to sew, but everything else is so appealing.

I was supposed to be defrosting the freezer.  I thought I'd fit in a bit of cleaning.  Whilst plugging in the vacuum cleaner, I remembered  I wanted to photograph the fat quarters I bought in Hobbycraft (yesterday's post).

I wanted to style them nicely (I'm trying to improve my photography skills) so I thought I'd include a pretty doily.

I went in search of a doily, not just any doily, one that would be right for the photo.  I have a lot of crochet doilies, mostly made by me, and I thought, maybe I should reorganise them all better in the drawer where they are kept.  I took them all out and at the bottom of the drawer I found a crocheted rectangular tray cloth I must have made way back when, probably in the 1970s.

It's quite a nice design, but rectangles aren't my favourite shape.  Then I thought, maybe I could  re-crochet this and make it into a square shape instead (still not my favourite shape but better than rectangles).

So I started calculating stitches and examining the construction.  But then the doorbell rang.  My lovely next-door neighbour had picked some plums from her garden for me.  What a delight!

So it's out with the cookery books and what shall I make with the plums.  Meanwhile the freezer is busy defrosting it's ice all over the kitchen floor and the cleaning isn't doing itself.

If my husband asks, I'm multi-tasking, just between you and me, I think I'm a little distracted.


  1. ha ha .. I can totally relate to this. Enjoy your plums. xox

  2. I don't mind been distracted when there is crochet involved. Loved the rectangular doily.

  3. Ha ha you made me laugh, like your multi-tasking!, we are creative, that takes our minds to different places sometimes.
    Enjoy your week and a lovely big freezer again now it is defrosted.

  4. Love the doilies whatever their shape. I tend to have the same distraction problems which often means I end up doing nothing!

  5. =D
    I just LOVE the rectangular doily! I'm actually on the hunt for one, either at a thrift store or one to make. I want to starch it tons and insert it into a frame to hang on my wall to hold my earrings. I'm super excited, but just haven't found the right pattern yet! Eventually...


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