Monday, 11 August 2014


So what have I made today?  A collage.

I thought I would create something colourful and interesting to look at.  I started with the butterfly cross-stitch I completed the other day.  I added a border of running stitch and a lovely shell button.

I collect together a variety of pretty craft papers...

And a postcard and other bits and pieces of embellishments.

I had an old photo frame - cheap and not very exciting, definitely in need of some recycling.

So I painted it a lovely light green colour and gave it a light sanding down to give it a distressed look.

The green shows up better in the following photos
of the completed project

Put it all together with the help of some bright washi tape, and there you have it.

The postcard is from the V&A and reads
"Time and tide wait for no man"

A lovely display to brighten up the room.


  1. Hello, I am new to your blog, but just wanted to say how pretty this looks and what great use it makes of your butterfly as it is a lovely display! xx

    1. Hi Amy, and welcome. So glad you like the collage, it was fun to put together. I've just had a quick look at your blog and it looks very interesting. I'll have a good read of your posts later on when I have my tea break.

  2. What a truly beautiful creation it would look lovely on the wall.


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