Wednesday, 20 August 2014


We live not far from the beach but our beach is not a holiday destination.  The nearest proper seaside town is Southport, which is about 16 miles north from Liverpool.  It's a while since we visited there, so on Monday, we (Hubby and I) made a trip there.

It wasn't as nice a day, weather-wise, as we had hoped, a bit blustery, but we packed our picnic and set off.

One of the traditional attractions of Southport is the pier.  It is the second longest pier in Britain, after Southend Pier, and it has its own tramway.

Sheltering from the strong winds

From the pier, you can see across the bay to Blackpool - can you see the tower and the roller-coaster?

Southport's fair ground is much smaller in comparison.

The sea goes out a long way round here.  We walked the full length of the pier (1112 metres / 1216 yards) and even at the end, the sea was still far off in the distance.

We had a quick drink in one of the pubs before setting off for home.  A pleasant day - just glad I took my scarf.


  1. Used to go to Southport as a child, got a coach from Stockport and the only thing I remember is the seemingly endless walk to reach the sea! Lovely pics.

  2. I live there :) We often take advantage of a walk down the pier

  3. Blows the cobwebs away-aw Blackpool and St Annes, been a few years since visited there, brought back memories. Thank you


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