Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dressmaking WIP - the stress of it all

I always dread that first cut into the fabric.  I get very anxious that I'll make a mistake and that'll be the fabric ruined.  This is why I've been putting off the dressmaking.

Once the first cut is out of the way, I can breathe a bit easier and the dress starts coming together - slowly but surely.

And so I have a completed bodice.

That's the hardest bit out of the way.

My zip inserting is improving - not perfect - but a lot better than it was.

Only the hem to go now.

The end is in sight and I feel almost light-headed with relief.  It makes me wonder why I don't just go out and buy a dress - but where's the challenge in that?


  1. It really is a stunner, the fabric is beautiful.

  2. Exactly - no gain without pain!


  3. I haven't made a dress for myself for years. Done a few for granddaughters though. I am sure it is going to be lovely.

  4. It looks beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished dress. I always wish that fabric was like pastry and you could scrunch it up, and roll it out again.

  5. I too love the fabric, of course it would be easier to buy but you have the skill to create something no one else has and to wake up the morning of the wedding knowing no one else will be wearing your dress---deffo a smug day, I like smug days.


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