Thursday, 30 July 2015

Spring Greens Cushion Cover

I started making squares for a cushion cover several weeks ago, before the Tour de France and the associated KAL came long and disrupted my schedule.  I'm quickly getting back on track now and the cushion cover is complete.

I love the colour combination.  It's fresh and light and reminds me of Spring.

The squares use the Grandma's Knickknacks pattern by Laurel Runnels, which I absolutely love.  It's nice and quick to make and produces a lovely compact square and it's free.  You can see full details of this project on my Ravelry page, here.

For the back, I just made a large granny.

Now I'm busy catching up with my other CALs and KALs.  More squares and a beautifully designed shawl.  More on these another time.

To accompany my knitting and crocheting, I'm enjoying watching some classic old films with Eve.  Yesterday we watched The Thin Man with William Powell and Myrna Loy.

And previously we watched Swing Time with Fred and Ginger.

You can't beat a good old black and white film.  Pure indulgence.  I hope all goes well with you and that you're enjoying yourselves.


  1. I love the cushion, what mellow colour choices - perfect. How lovely to sit with your daughter and watch films whilst being crafty.

  2. I love your cushion the colours are gorgeous. :) x

  3. It is such a pretty cushion! I love the colours. xx

  4. Great times watching films with your daughter, perfect memory makers. Love the cushion, the pattern is a delight and I love you colour choices.

  5. Love those colours. I sat and watched Singing in the Rain last week. Love that film.

    1. I've that film as well. I'll have to put it on the list to watch again.

  6. absolutely love this cushion cover!

  7. Fred Astaire is the best! Love your cushion, beautiful choice of colors.


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