Sunday 19 July 2015

Edible Gardening - a beginning

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm not really a gardener.  Once I'm out in the garden, I quite enjoy pottering around, but the weather has to be just so before I'll venture out.

So I don't tend to devote a great deal of time to gardening.  But I do like to read gardening posts on other people's blogs.  I find them very inspiring and some of the pictures are so beautiful.

I have a great deal of admiration for anyone who grows their own veg, that seems like a lot of devotion and hard work to me.  But last month I was reading a post on Lorraine's blog, Mama's Mercantile, and saw she was growing lettuce in pots by her door for easy picking.  I like this idea (thank you Lorraine).  I thought even I could do this.  It doesn't require undue effort and it would be a good place to start.

So I bought a cheap packet of mixed salad seeds - no idea what's in it - and sprinkled them in the pot.  And much to my amazement, I have some salad leaves ready for picking.

This may not seem much, but to me it's wonderful.  A beginning.  Next summer I may expand into lettuce, who knows, I may eventually have a proper vegetable patch!  But for now, one step at a time, I'm enjoying being able to pick some edibles fresh from the garden.


  1. It's lovely being able to pick your own freshly grown veg. Well done you on making a start x

  2. How great!!! Happy lettuce eating and happy gardening! xx

  3. What a good idea, and so nice to eat something you've grown yourself xx

  4. I grew lettuce and it was so fun, also tomatoes that were devoured by cut worms, cucumbers that were devoured by mites and strawberries that were devoured by my dog Max. The lettuce was the best, good luck.

  5. That is a good place to start! I've done tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and lemon cucumber before, but I also killed them lol This year I just haven't been feeling the gardening bug, maybe next year will be different.

  6. I am also not really a gardener, but I do try. Just reminded me I had better go and water my three rather straggly tomatoes.


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