Wednesday 22 July 2015

Enjoying the Slow Pace

The sun wasn't shining, it wasn't particularly warm, it was rather breezy, nevertheless, we had a lovely day, yesterday, watching a game of cricket at the local cricket ground.

Lancashire 2nd XI were playing Durham 2nd XI in a three day match (this was the second day).

It's so pleasant just to sit and watch the slow pace of cricket.  Very relaxing.

Obviously I had my knitting with me.

And it all goes down very smoothly with a nice pint of bitter.

The match was a high scoring one, so very likely will end in a draw, especially as, today, it's raining (again).  A typical English summer!  I hope wherever you are the sun may be shining.


  1. I like watching the cricket, knitting would make it perfect! No the sun isn't shining here, seems to have packed up its bags x

  2. It sounds just perfect!
    Helen xox

  3. Cricket is so unfamiliar to us over here in the States, I would love to see a game or is it a match?
    Hugs and happy knitting,

  4. Knitting in the wild, that has to be good! xx


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