Thursday, 30 April 2015

Just Perfect!

Many of you may remember that earlier this year I was having a cardigan knitting crisis.  I seemed to have lost confidence in everything I knit.  I eventually finished the Que Sera cardigan and at the time I was reasonably happy with the results.  Time has moved on and I haven't worn that cardigan very much.  In fact I'm already thinking of frogging it and knitting up the yarn in a new pattern!

So, knitting my latest cardigan (from wool frogged from yet another cardigan that didn't quite hit the mark) you can imagine the doubts I was having.  Should I retire from cardigan knitting and put all my efforts into socks?  Thankfully, that will not be the case.  My latest knitting project has turned out perfectly.

It's just what I want from a cardigan, good fit, easy to wear and the right amount of warmth. For this cardigan I have returned to an old favourite.

It's my Olivia pattern and every time I knit it I'm amazed at how quickly it works up.  I've knit this pattern twice before and I know I will wear it a lot.

It's knitted in the classic way, bottom up, knitted flat, in pieces and seamed together at the end.   There's a delicate crochet border to add a special touch.  The all over lacy pattern gives it a very feminine look.  The sleeves are ribbed right up to near the armholes, for a slim fit.  You can see details of the project on my Ravelry project page, here.

I think my problem is, I have very definite ideas about the style and shape of the cardigans I wear, and I do love to wear them, I wear one EVERY day.  So when I try a new pattern, if it doesn't fit in with my idea of a wearable cardigan, I just can't feel comfortable with it.

Am I becoming an old stick-in-the-mud?  I hope not.  I may end up with ten versions of this cardigan in a range of colours.  Are you the same?  Do you find yourself going back to the same formula time and again?

At least I know this cardigan will be worn a lot, so why not make a few more?  Maybe grey or dark blue next time!


  1. Your new cardigan is fabulous and looks lovely on you! If you know what you like, like what you know and are happy then I say stick with it! Nothing wrong with that at all!!! xx

  2. After searching & searching I found what I thought was the perfect cardigan pattern. I bought the wool in 7 different shades. Only problem is it's a 4 ply pattern & taking me ages. Once I finish this one I want to have ago at your Holly fair isle one, so please don't retire from cardigan knitting.You can never have enough of the same cardigan in different shades x

    1. Thank you. My Holly cardigan is another one I've knitted more than once. Perhaps it about time I gave it another go.

  3. I love them both - I do like the sleeves on this one though.

  4. This sweater is so pretty and i love the stitch pattern, also! Great work!!

  5. I only have one dk knit pattern and one Aran waistcoat pattern. The dk cardi pattern I've done twice with sort sleeves and now I've nearly finished a long sleeved version.
    For me its all about the fit. You can do allsorts to alter the look. I'm glad your cardi turned out well and the colour suits you. I don't have enough concentration to do all that lace work,ha ha.


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