Wednesday 8 April 2015

In the Garden

The sun came out yesterday afternoon and it was lovely and warm, so I made it out into the garden.

Once I get started I quite enjoy the tidying up and prettifying of the garden - I just find it difficult to get started!

Anyway, there's lots to be done to tidy it up but I was cheered to find some splashes of colour.  If I edit out the messy bits I thought I could share some of the more pleasanter parts of the garden.

The final flourish of daffodils.

My Mother-in-law's hydrangea, I thought I had killed off last year, is still with us.

Grape hyacinths and tulips about to bloom.

Lovely red berries on the holly Bush.

The plum tree I bought from Asda for £5 is growing some leaves.  Fingers crossed for plums next year.

Some purple flowers!

Little beauties hidden by the bluebell leaves.

Bulging buds on the wisteria.

And a lovely peacock butterfly.

There's hope for the garden yet, so long as the weather holds fair, I'm happy to get out there.


  1. Its such a wonderful time of year with all the new growth. You have some beautiful plants.

  2. What a lovely distraction for you what with your eye problem's to finally be in your garden. You have some lovely plants. I am jealous of your butterfly photo I always see, one get my camera and then they fly off in to next doors garden ha ha!!

  3. It is so lovely to go out into the garden and see what is springing up isn't it! You have some great things coming up, especially that plum tree, how lovely that will be!! xx

  4. I'm slow to get out in the garden at the beginning of the season too. So much knitting and crochet to do! I'd rather sit in the garden than work in it!


  5. It was lovely here in Kent too, just a shame I had to return to work after the Easter weekend. Why didn't the sun come out then? Still it is lovely to drive to work in the sunshine with the radio on. I can't wait for the weekend to get on with some gardening

  6. I love Spring, all the flowers are coming back in the garden. I love the foto with the butterfly we don't have beauty's like that here in the Southwest of Holland.

  7. yes, the sun makes you want to do a bit in the garden. my pink cherry tree has loads of buds. scooped some green off the top of my little pond, the fountain is flowing better now, and bought the little bistro table and 2 chairs set that I've been wanting for a couple of years.


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