Sunday, 19 April 2015

Cambridge and some Knitting

Yesterday, we had one of our regular drives down to Cambridge, to take Eve back for her final term.  My, how time flies.

This was the last time we would be doing the journey there and back in one day - thank goodness.  We're planning to visit Eve sometime in May and stay a few days.  Then our final trip down will be at the end of June when we all go down for her graduation.

My husband and I share the driving, but I have to admit, he is very good and actually does the greater part.  This is wonderful for me as I can get some knitting done on the journey.

I'm currently working on another cardigan.

This cardigan is one of my patterns, Olivia.  I originally knitted this in a mohair yarn, but it shed so much it was unbearable.  I reknit it  in a pretty pink wool / acrylic mix DK yarn and it was perfect.

It is so easy to wear, I love it.  It's also amazingly quick to knit.  I've been meaning to make another one for ages but something else always took priority.  Finally I've made a start and I'm enjoying knitting it as much as the previous times.

I'm using yarn I've frogged from a previous knit that is now unloved.  The yarn is the discontinued Sirdar Balmoral, a wool, alpaca and silk mix.  I love this yarn as it doesn't seem to go bitty.  The yarn was originally knit up as Patsy, a pattern by Kim Hargreaves.  A lovely cardigan but I didn't wear it as much as I would have liked.

It's good to reuse yarn in this way, and I must admit that I enjoy frogging and reknitting more than I suspect I should.

Anyway, I've finished the back, left front and I'm almost done with the right front.  Should be finished shortly - I still can't believe how quick the knitting is.  And of course it's in my favourite colourway - a lovely berry colour.

Whilst in Cambridge yesterday, we had a walk around St John's College.  I leave you with some pictures I took.

As Eve said, when we arrived yesterday, Cambridge is so pretty.


  1. I love to knit/crochet on long car journey's too. Cambridge is lovely isn't it, my nephew went there - Trinity - his graduation meal was lovely.

  2. lucky you were visiting Eve. When I went on a day trip thereI was disappointed that the colleges owned all the land that went down to the river. It could only be reached by paying, and they all charged inividually. Also there were no seats in the streets. Best thing about it was John Lewis shop. ha ha. I love the pink cardi and the sleeves done in rib. I enjoy making something I've made before ,that I know will turn out o.k.

  3. A beautiful place to be part of, you must be so proud of your daughter doing her finals.

  4. Your latest knitted project is going to be beautiful and your daughter as a wonderful place to enjoy x

  5. Nothing like knitting in the car. I find it keeps me calm, and is such a good use of time that would otherwise be wasted. Cambridge looks very beautiful in the sunshine.


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