Sunday, 15 February 2015

Warm and Cosy

Last weekend at Grace's, I knitted a sock.  Grace is a recent convert to sock knitting and I love what she has been making, and especially the lovely sock yarns she has been buying.

I would have made the other sock straight after, but I got distracted with cardigan issues and the cast on party.

However, being a conscientious knitter (!), after the rush of excitement of casting on so many nice new things, I did cast on for the second sock.

And today it's finished.  These will be house socks, for lounging in!

The wool is worsted weight, leftover from the skirt I knitted a few months back.  The lovely thick yarn makes these socks lovely and toasty.

The thick yarn also made them a quick knit which is definitely good in my books.

The pattern is called Traveler Socks and it's by Diana Gates, a freebie download on Ravelry.  The sock is knitted toe-up, which I found quite interesting (I've only ever knitted one sock pattern before and that was quite some time ago).  You can read all about this project on my Ravelry page, here.

I followed the pattern as written, but I found the cast off stitches around the leg were rather tight.  I re-did the cast off using a sewn cast off.  This gave a much more elastic opening, but doesn't look very pretty.  I'll have to research sock knitting techniques.

I've so enjoyed knitting up these socks that I think I'll make some more.  I'd like to use proper sock yarn, there is so much choice available and the hand dyed yarns are so lovely.

I've already started browsing the yarn shops.  But before then, I've got rather a lot of unfinished wips to be getting on with.  Bye for now.


  1. Those socks are beautiful, perfect for this time of year pottering around the house.

  2. I like this socks, I want, I like and I want all all all socks!!!!!!

  3. They look very pretty & warm, I like the design on the front x

  4. Gorgeous - colour, pattern, and handknit socks! xx

  5. Lovely,super colour too. Did you make these on 4 pins or 2 ? I can only do socks on 2 pins , knitted flat, then seamed. I use the same pattern every time.

    1. Hi Caz, I used 4 dpns. I never used to like using them but they're growing on me now.


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